To prepare for and accomplish something, most of us focus on what to 'do.' While doing is important, I focus on 'being' to help us create a powerful context in which to work. When we establish a powerful way of 'being' doing seems to unfold naturally.

Birth Doula Support

I prefer we begin our work by about your seventh month of pregnancy if possible. We meet twice prior to labor to explore what you envision and desire during labor and birth.

I assist you as you clarify your preferences for labor and birth and share those with your midwife or doctor.

We may explore your understanding of how your body/mind/spirit cooperate in giving birth and expand your coping mindset

What you've learned about labor and birth may be supplemented with practical and evidence-based information.

I am available to come to your home or other place of birth during early active labor. We work together as a team during labor and birth and immediate postpartum. I also visit you within two weeks after baby's birth.

Postpartum Doula Support

I focus on nurturing and supporting you as you transition into your parenting role. I often ask new parents, 'how would you like this day to go?' to help establish in what way I can support them each day.

I provide the following services:

  • emotional support and reassurance
  • guidance regarding care for mother and baby
  • breastfeeding support
  • sibling care
  • light housekeeping and meal preparation
  • running errands
  • linking you to community resources as needed.

I generally meet with you once prior to baby's birth to learn about what is important to you and what, if any, areas of concern you have. We establish a likely initial schedule for the first week or two after your baby's birth.

I work weekdays and a have a three-hour per day minimum.

Birthing from Within Mentoring

Parents and birth attendants can influence, but not control how a birth unfolds. Birthing From Within is a soulful and holistic approach that gives parents the tools to birth naturally and to birth-in-awareness when the journey takes unexpected turns.

Birthing from Within mentoring sessions are unique. Parents learn practical information through thought-provoking dialogues, interesting videos, and memorable exercises. Session by session, parents practice and master a variety of proven pain-coping practices and build their pain-coping confidence. They also explore the wise and compassionate use of drugs and epidurals.

Birthing from Within mentoring sessions are based on the book by the same name. I've been trained by the book's author, Pam England, and am a Birthing from Within mentor candidate. 

Birth and Postpartum Consulting

As an experienced birth and postpartum doula with experience in home as well as hospital birth on the San Francisco Peninsula, I offer my birth and postpartum consulting services to expectant and new parents who are looking for information based on your unique needs.

I can provide insight which supports you in creating your birth and parenting 'team,' and similarities and differences of various birth locations. My commitment is to help you become informed and aware of your choices so that you can choose what's right for you.

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