We are immensely grateful for the incredible and invaluable role you played in helping bring our daughter into the world. The experience and outcome were unforgettable and life-changing, to say the least. You brought to that experience necessary reinforcements, love, support, wisdom and encouragement. Thank you for being part of our daughter's story and our lives.

~ HS and SS, parents


We are so grateful to you for our incredible birth story. Every step of the way you offered so much strength, encouragement and wisdom. It is largely because of your skill and love that M's birth was the incredibly powerful experience it turned out to be. I am a birth warrior - proud of my strength and courage and D is a confident partner to this miracle, thanks to you. So far the journey to parenthood has been full of questions and to each one you always offered delicate insight and never the answers themselves. We have made many informed decisions, about pregnancy, induction and postpartum because of your expertise. We are so grateful to have shared M's birth with you and we so hope to share the story of her life with you, too. You will always be a special part of her life, and ours.

~ AM, mother



Curt and I were so touched by how quickly you jumped to help us when we were having difficulty breastfeeding and soothing Zander. You responded so fast (and on a weekend too!) and I think that you understood better than we did just how important it was to work through the issues quickly.

I have no doubt that you got us through that weekend with your caring, supportive approach and that you gave us the encouragement we needed to keep going in those early sleep deprived days. You really touched our lives that afternoon at a time when we needed it most.

You helped us gain a different perspective on the impacts of Zander being born premature and what we could do to regain some of the precious
bonding time that we had lost with him in those early days in the NICU. I also know that without your help we would have given up on breastfeeding by the end of the weekend.

We appreciate your supportive caring nature, your vast knowledge and the non-judgmental approach you always take. Thank you for having such a wonderful impact on our son's early days.

~ DC, mother

I would highly recommend Sandy as a postpartum doula. She helped me after the birth of my son who is now five and my daughter who will be one year this month. Sandy has a very calming effect. She is knowledgeable and has a well rounded perspective as a mother and a grandmother. In particular I relied on her input and expert resources on breastfeeding. I also used her a resource and sounding board during those first weeks after the birth of my children since my family is out of state and is not particularly available. Sandy is very aware of the needs of a new mother. When she would leave, I was well fed, nurtured and felt confident in my own abilities as a mother. I had her come two or three times a week for about three hours for the first couple weeks if I recall correctly.

~LA, mother


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