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Conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting are among the most potentially transformative times in your life.

While each of us has a unique and personal way of navigating these important steps on the parenting journey, being accompanied by an experienced, wise companion can aid you discovering and developing as a parent.


I offer San Francisco Peninsula women and their families respectful, experienced and calm companionship in the form of postpartum doula support and preparatory birth and parenting consulting.


I am a DONA -certified birth doula, a postpartum doula and Birthing from Within mentor-candidate. I am a member of Bay Area Birth Information. I also teach parenting classes for Palo Alto Medical Foundation and other Sutter Health locations, and Blossom Birth Services. I am a life-long learner and am continually expanding my knowledge and experience in order to share evidence-based and helpful information with parents.


In the 1970s I lived in a spiritual community where I birthed my children and assisted other mothers as a home-birth midwife. My experiences were foundational in seeing birth as a normal human process. I experienced and witnessed women who emerged as birth warriors when they honored their intuition and faith, and were fully supported by those around them.

Passionate about empowering parents' options in birth and parenting, I began Doula-la! in 2000.

Prior to Doula-la!

Prior to founding Doula-la! I served as a Silicon Valley marketing executive and consultant.

I have a BA in Environmental Design from Antioch College and am an alumna of the Institute for Women's Leadership.


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